Quantitive Techniques for Business (MA208)

2008-09 Semester I Provisional Results

Lectures:      Monday, 12-1, Room BS118
                       Wednesday, 2-3, Room BS118

Tutorial:       Monday 1-2

Lecturer:      Graham Ellis
                      11 Distillery Road
                      (ext: 3011, e-mail:graham.ellis(at)nuigalway.ie)

Tutor:           Fintan Hegarty

Text:             "Applied Mathematics for Business, Economics, and the Social Sciences"
                      by Frank S. Budrick

The course will be assessed by an exam at the end of Semester I (80%) and a mid-term class test (20%).
The exam and test  will assume that you have studied the homework sheets and past exam papers!

Course Description:

Homework sheet 1.  (Inequalities)
Homework sheet 2.  (Matrices)
Homework sheet 3.  (Probability)
Homework sheet 4.  (Actuarial)
2006-07 exam paper. 2007-08 exam paper.

The following handouts may be useful. They were produced by Dr Andrew Marsh.

Handout 1: (not yet available)
Handout 2: Gaussian Elimination
Handout 3: Matrices
Handout 4: Linear Programming
Handout 5: Linear Programming (continued)
Handout 6: Calculus
Handout 7: Probability