Idea for a Final Year Project

Graham Ellis

Title: Handwriting recognition


Stage 1: The project could start with an investigation of the current abilities of various handwriting recocnition software. Links from the Wikipedia page  could be followed, and the student could write a brief decription of the state of the art in this research area.

Stage 2:  The student could then try to develop some topological invariants of handwritten characters as a means of distinguishing between characters. See exercises 2 and 3 on page 85 of the online topology notes .

Stage 3: The student could try to put the topological invariants into practice by writing a  prototype GAP  function  which: (i) inputs a photocopy of handwritten printed text and (ii) outputs the corresponding sequence of typed text.

The project has lots of scope for independent work (guided by the supervisor) and also for original work (such as: an original list of topological invariants that distinguish a given letter form all other letters, and a computer implementation of these invariants).