Computer Packages (MA321)

This is a core module in the Third Year of the Honours Mathematical Studies programme. The module is delivered in Semester I and complements material in the Semester I algebra and calculus modules.

The module is assessed via two homework assignments and one 2-hour class test at the end of the semester. The homeworks each count 30% and the class test counts 40%. The questions in the class test will be taken (with at most minor modifications) from the problem sheets that form the focus of the lectures and tutorials.

The score for the module is returned as a component of the algebra and calculus score. The module is equal in weight to the Semester I algebra module, and also equal in weight to the Semester I calculus module.

The module consists of one lecture and one tutorial per week in room E112. Students should attend either the lecture & tutorial at 11-1 on Tuesdays or the lecture & tutorial at 11-1 on Thursdays. 

Course material


Worksheet 1

Prolem sheets

Problems 1