Groups in Galway

Groups in Galway is an annual group theory conference which has been held every year at Galway since 1978. The meeting takes place in May and usually lasts for two or three days (more often three days in recent years). A history of the conference is available at the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. A list of speakers and lectures titles is also maintained at the MacTutor Archive.

The conference typically receives support from the Registrar's Office NUI Galway, Science Foundation Ireland, and the Irish Mathematical Society.

The following interactive photograph is of participants at Groups St Andrews in Galway '93 -- an August meeting additional to the annual May Groups in Galway conference of that year.

de Brún Workshop Series

Since 2008 the Centre has run a series of (so far) seven one-week or two-week workshops. Each workshop is built around a small number of mini-lecture courses and a schedule of invited lectures by some participants. The series has been generously supported by Science Foundation Ireland.

Galway Topology Colloquia

The Galway Topology Colloquium is an annual peripatetic conference on topology which has run since 1997. Details of the conferences are available at the following links.