8 January 2007 Paul Smith
Computing the mod p cohomology of finite p-groups"
15 January 2007 Jim Cruickshank
"The ring structure in group cohomology"
22 January 2007 Emil Sköldberg
"Completion criteria for mod p cohomology calculations"
29 January 2007 Emil Sköldberg
"Completion criteria for mod p cohomology calculations (continued)"
5 February 2007 Marc Roeder
"Bieberbach groups"
12 February 2007 Maura Clancy
"Around Bieberbach groups"
22 February 2007
Graham Ellis
"Some computational group cohomology" Slides
26 February 2007 Goetz Pfeiffer
"Certain quiver algebras related to finite Coxeter groups"
12 March 2007 Goetz Pfeiffer
"Certain quiver algebras related to finite Coxeter groups (continued)"
12 April 2007
Andrea Mindnich (Kaiserslautern)
"Searching Ovoids in Hyperbolic Spaces"
8 May 2007
(Tuesday at 12.10)
Graham Ellis
"Mod p cohomology - Poincare series and completion criteria"
10 May 2007
(Thursday at 12.10)
Marc Roeder
"Some algorithms for crystallographic groups"
15 June 2007
(Friday at 12.10)
Marc Roeder
"More on crystallographic groups"
6 September 2007
(Thursday at 15.45)
Mathieu Dutour
"Exhaustive enumeration techniques"
19 September 2007
Mathieu Dutour
"Torus cube packings"
24 September 2007 (MONDAY 2.10pm)
Mathieu Dutour
"The recursive adjacency decomposition method"
26 September 2007
Mathieu Dutour
"Lattice Sphere Packings"
3 October 2007
Mathieu Dutour
"Crystallographic groups"
8 October 2007
Mathieu Dutour
"Delaunay computations in lattices"
10 October 2007
Mathieu Dutour
Parameter space of Delaunay
15 October 2007
Mathieu Dutour
"Single Delaunay in lattice"
22 October 2007
Mathieu Dutour
"Homologies of the Mathieu group M_24"
21 November 2007
Tim Porter
"Topological Data Analysis I"
22 November 2007
Alexander Konovalov (St Andrews)
"Torsion units in integral group rings of sporadic simple groups" (Slides)
28 November 2007
Tim Porter
"Topological Data Analysis II"
5 December 2007
Tim Porter
"Persistent Homology"
12 December 2007
Graham Ellis
"Algorithms for Topological Data Analysis"


Mark Dickinson is running a seminar on Class Field Theory in Semester II of 2008 (Fridays at 10am in AM122)

Other seminars take place in C219 (usually at 12pm on Wednesdays)
30 January 2008
Tim Porter
5 February 2008
Ana Romero (Uni. La Rioja)
"The KENZO system for algebraic topology"
18 April 2008 (Thursday)
Anthony Bak (Bielefeld)
"Global actions, the geometry of groups, and the question: Can computers support computations of homotopy groups in the environment above ?"
6 May 2008
Marc Roeder
"Dirichlet Domains -- existence charts and the classification problem"
21 July - 1 August 2008
First de Brún Workshop
4 August - 8 August 2008
de Brún Workshop on Computational Group Theorey and Cohomology
17 September 2008
Marc Roeder
"Update on Dirichlet Domains"
24 September 2008
Paul Smith
"More on cohomology rings of p-groups"
8 October 2008
Marc Dickinson
"Computational Galois cohomology"
15 October 2008
Paul Smith
"Computing the kernel of derivations using Singular"
12 November 2008
Graham Ellis
"Parallelism and the possible need for an environment for general nonsense programming"
3 December 2008
Marc Dickinson
"Computational Galois cohomology"


Mark Dickinson is continuing his Class Field Theory seminar in Semester I of 2009:
(Fridays at 10am in AM122.)

In Semester II the seminars take place at 10am on Fridays in IT202
25 September 2009
Graham Ellis
Computating resolutions over quotients of polynomial rings
2 October 2009
Mark Dickinson
"Lifting Galois extensions in GAP"
9 October 2009
Edwin O'Shea
Polyhedra in algebraic statistics
16 October 2009
Edwin O'Shea
Algebraic statistics II
30 October 2009
Simon King
"Symmetric Turaev-Viro invariants"
6 November 2009
Mathieu Dutour
"Classifying space from polyhedral tessellation: the perfect form method"
13 November 2009
Mathieu Dutour
"Space fullerenes"
27 November 2009
Mathieu Dutour
"Homology of PSL(4,Z)"